Mirror mechanical billboard

Dimensions 260 × 510 × 238 cm Year produced 2013 Medium/material aluminum, mirrors, motor, technical features; mixed media Production self-produced Web Foto Jan Kuděj Text DK


The piece was created as a reaction to our oversaturation with artificial visual stimuli. We consider it normal to spend a large part of our time immersed in the imagination of someone else, often spending the majority of our time in such environments – but the threshold between self and other, the forced virtual and the “real” becomes fuzzy. Instead of presenting a manipulative advertisement, this billboard returns the viewers’ attention back to reality. But this image is not at all clear. The mirrored lamellas form a collage, a reality composed of segments. The image composes and recomposes in repeating cycles, and each new image is only a version of reality – similar to those that preceded it, but never the same.


Klára Horáčková (* 1980) earned her MgA. degree at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2006, studying at the Glass Studio and Sculpture Studio. In her own art practice, she often expresses her ideas through glass and its diverse forms and possible techniques of processing, but does not limit herself to glass only. Her works vary from smaller sculptural objects and designer items to large conceptual mobile installations and new media projects. Apart from her own practice, between 2008–2013 she has worked as the Director of the Glass Workshop, in 2011 she started working as Assistant Professor at the Glass Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and between 2015–2017 she was Head of the Transformation in Glass Studio at Prague Institute, NC State European Center in Prague.

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