Yes name sculpture

Dimensions 24 × 60 × 23 cm Year produced 2017 Medium/material concrete and glass Production self-produced Web Foto Milan Pekař archive Text DK


“Glass is the perfect recording medium for transient situations occurring in space and time, and has the ability to record their permanent trace. Concrete, on the other hand, retains its original shape under any and all conditions. I focus on the contrast of these two materials, where fragile glass becomes an active actor and concrete the entire sculpture’s static pillar. Their mutual relationship creates great tension, which I strive to artistically leverage in my work.”


Luba Bakičová (* 1985) graduated from the Glass Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design of the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. The author’s three-dimensional works have the qualities of an exact, objective experiment. She methodically tests the reactions of materials, their characteristics in extreme situations and their physical transformations, which she often bases in destruction. In her objects, she uses heat-resistant materials in combination with glass. The glass thus transcends being merely a reproductive material, and throughout the experiment becomes a medium which actively shapes the artist’s original intentions.

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