Allegory of Covid, a collection of sculptures

Dimensions Kurýr (Courier) 30 × 27 × 19 cm, Procházka po deváté (A Walk After 9pm) 26 × 19 × 14 cm, Stříháníčko (Home Haircut) 21 × 18 × 14 cm Year produced 2021 Medium/material porcelain Production self-produced Web Foto Viktorie Macánová Text ES


Art mirrors society and is a witness to important historical events. Young ceramics designer Monika Martykánová demonstrates this in her project Allegory of Covid. It combines the legacy of traditional porcelain figurines and the current theme of the global pandemic. The three sculptures represent seemingly banal moments that reflect fundamental changes in the pace of life. These include the high demand of delivery services, walking after 9pm, which in the days of the most severe lockdowns was only allowed with a dog, and home haircuts. This chilling memento, albeit slightly exaggerated, illustrates the changes in services, hospitality and personal freedom.


Monika Martykánová (* 1994) is one of the youngest talents of Czech ceramics. With a great deal of imagination, she combines traditional themes, technologies and craftsmanship with contemporary topics. Her approach to the concept of dull, charming statuettes allows her to transform them into works in which form and content exist in perfect harmony. She lets activism, humor, irony and social criticism permeate her beautifully executed handmade pieces. Her feminist sculpture The Good Mother is a sarcastic commentary on the theme of overworked women, in The Last Circus she criticizes animal training in circuses, and in 3DIY Objects she imitates 3D printing using a piping bag.

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