Vessels Výbuch č. 357 (Blast no. 357), Výbuch č. 370 (Blast no. 370), Výbuch č. 368 (Blast no. 368)

Dimensions height 37 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm Year produced 2019 Medium/material porcelain Production self-produced Foto Adam Železný Archive Text DK


The principles of recycling and sustainability are more integral to the glass industry than to porcelain production (we find an example in the case of Brokissglass). Adam Železný is among the individual innovators of the porcelain industry, and has been continuously focusing
on the topics of sustainability and evolutionary methods
of production. He researches not only the material itself – where porcelain shards become the main component of the substance from which new porcelain is made – but also the production technologies. For example, he stretches the limits of the possible in his experiments where the material is formed by means of an explosion, creating random
and singular shapes – Železný then fires these vessels in
a furnace. In this sense, he is charting the new possibilities of industrial production into the future.


Adam Železný (* 1986) emphasizes action, which
places his work on the border between applied and fine
art. Vessels of the Blast series (from 2014 until today) were made by means of detonation, and their shape is a direct result of a controlled explosion of the ceramic mass. His Tabula Rasa (2017) audiovisual installation consists of thin porcelain plates and electronics and was also performative, while his collection Wrought Bowls (2013) used traditional craft methods in contemporary design and achieved great success. Adam graduated from the Secondary Art School of Bechyně, and later from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. During his postgraduate studies
at the Academy (2017–2022), he worked on research
and development in the field of tableware production sustainability. He currently works as a post-doc researcher at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, specializing in the application of circular economy principles, the recycling of ceramic materials and the Life Cycle Assessment in the production of utility porcelain.

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