Tak to bylo (That’s How It Was) plates

Dimensions 30 cm, 25 cm, 22 cm, 19 cm Year produced 2019–2021 Medium/material porcelain Production self-produced Web Foto Michal Ureš Text DK


This artistic and social project engages in intergenerational dialogue, formulating ideas about values and the experiences of old age. It does this by means of a fragile medium which allows seniors to record their life memories. The author activates seniors and invites them to illustrate their life stories and personal testimonies. Milestones and memories are transferred to scrapped porcelainware. The entire project begs questions about values and emotions of old age, and was also spurred by ecological notions about sustainable upcycling of low-grade porcelainware.


Lenka Záhorková (* 1991) works mostly with ceramic materials and porcelain. She often straddles the boundary between design, applied forms and art. She uses porcelain as a medium for reflecting social topics, the transience of objects as well as her own thought processes.

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