Silica Feast glass object

Dimensions 120 × 105 cm Year produced 2023 Medium/material light collage Production self-produced Web Foto Hana Knížová Text DK, ES


The object pays homage to the fascinating diversity of various types of glass and combines them experimentally into a mural patchwork of light. Geometric shapes come together with live structures and the transparency of individual layers creates colorful, detailed reflections. By means of layering pieces of recycled glass, toned facade plates, wire glass, hand-rolled glass and lithyalin glass, the DECHEM studio creates a wall-mounted object which offers a glimpse of the amazing and inspiring world of glassmaking.


The DECHEM studio (est. 2012) was founded by designers and life partners Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek who first met at the glassmaking school in Nový Bor. While Michaela went on to study product design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Jakub continued honing his skill in glass processing, technologies and lighting production. Connecting the endless palette of diverse glassmaking techniques, textures and colors became the foundation for the designers’ collaborative work. Since its beginning, the glass design studio has been influenced by the contemporary approach to design while respecting centuries of glassmaking tradition. The central features of their work include hand-crafting in Czech workshops and designing original collections.

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