Lost & Found vases

Dimensions 16 cm, 21 cm and 26 cm Year produced 2018 Medium/material blown lithyalin glass Production self-produced Web Foto Lasvit Text DK, ES


Lost & Found was the very first collection made in the studio of Lukáš Novák after his graduation from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The collection focuses on the two-hundred-year-old glassmaking technique called lithyalin, which originated in the Czech lands and remained forgotten for decades. Each original vase has a minimalist shape and its surface is covered in what seems like cosmic explosions and supernovas. The process of re-discovery took Lukáš years of work, and he applied the knowledge gained to create his own type of glass – Amaline. New technologies allow him to do what seemed impossible in the past. He creates more sophisticated images, working with various colors, thus shaping the final outcome. And that is also what originally drew him to the craft.


Lukáš Novák was born in Nový Bor (* 1987), the capital of Czech glassmaking. He is an artist, multidisciplinary designer, creative spirit and a lover of glass with a great passion for art, craft, and history. He lives and works in Prague. He specializes in the exploration and processing of materials, which is also why he often does his own research and experimentation. Working with spaces and creating site-specific installations remains very important for him, and he considers glass to be a medium which is able to communicate emotions and thoughts through various forms and narratives. Lukáš’s diverse portfolio includes vases, mirrors, lights, art objects and installations, and he also designs for commercial companies, such as Lasvit, Pilsner Urquell, or Rückl.

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