Bohemia Cobalt coffee drinkware set

Dimensions various Year produced 2003 Medium/material porcelain Production Český Porcelán Dubí Web Foto Český Porcelán Dubí Archive Text DK


In 2003, Pelcl was approached by Vladimír Feix, the Director of the Český Porcelán Dubí, who commissioned a new and wide-ranging porcelain collection adorned by
an updated version of the traditional “Onion” decor. The designer applied the simple conical shapes with original double-handle details to diverse pieces of tableware, as well as tea and coffee sets. The design comes in two variants – Bohemia Cobalt (with decor) and Bohemia White (without decor). Both designs remained in production up until 2005, and the last stocked pieces are still available for purchase.


Jiří Pelcl (* 1950) is a renowned Czech designer who began his career even before the Velvet Revolution, being active in the post-modern art group Atika. Pelcl focuses on designing public and private interiors, architecture, as well as furniture, glass and porcelain works. He worked as Head of the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he held the position of Rector between 2002–2005. Jiří Pelcl’s work is exhibited in various institutions, both in Czechia and abroad, such as the MoMA, the Museum of Decorative
Arts in Prague, in the Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, or the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich. He is interested in the theory of design and has lectured at various educational institutions both at home and abroad.

About the company

The Český Porcelán company is among the most eminent Czech porcelain producers, with a rich history and tradition. It was in 1864 that industrialist Anton Tschinkel bought a spacious house called the Lower Forest Mill in Dubí near Teplice, which he converted to
a production plant for Maiolica. In 1885, the C. Teichert company from nearby Míšeň took over the plant and started producing porcelain in Rococo shapes, as well as the so- called “Onion” decor which achieved great success with customers. Today, the company carries the name Český Porcelán, and has 850 similarly adorned types to its name.

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