Haas & Czjzek porcelain works

Dimensions 70 × 100 cm Year produced 2023 Medium/material oil on canvas Foto Ilona Koroman Text DK


Established in 1792 and in continuous operation for 220 years, the porcelain factory in Horní Slavkov (Austerlitz) was the oldest in the Bohemian lands. Its founder was Georg Paulus; and in the second decade of the 19th century the factory was granted the privilege to produce white porcelain goods. In 1867, Georg Haas and Johann Czjzek took over its management, and the factory subsequently gained worldwide fame which lasted until 1945. Porcelain from Slavkov found its way to Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II, and the Louis Sophie vase (adorned with motifs of St. John of Nepomuk) made there was presented to Pope John Paul II. Slavkov porcelain was also used on formal occasions in the rooms of Prague Castle or during the presidency of Václav Havel.


Dominik Forman (* 1989) is an artist and teacher based in Prague. He graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University majoring in Czech language, literary studies and art education, simultaneously studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University in Brno. His work deals with the rehabilitation of realistic painting and analyzing its potential contemporary relevance. He is co-author of Manifest radikálního realismu (Manifesto for Radical Realism). He works as a middle-school teacher.

About the company

The national enterprise Slavkovský porcelán was founded as a result of the nationalization during the Communist era. From 1958, the porcelain factory was part of the Karlsbad Porcelain company. After privatization in the early 1990s, the factory reverted to the famous Haas and Czjzek brand name. Unfortunately, the factory went bankrupt in 2012. The manufacturers in the area now use the original moulds left over from the factory to make products with the most popular HaC decorations. To this day, some of them are still being copied in China.

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