Thun porcelain works

Dimensions 70 × 90 cm Year produced 2023 Medium/material oil on canvas Web Foto Hana Knížová Text DK


Products from Thun 1794 porcelain works adorn dining tables and display cases around the world. The annual production of Thun 1794 is 3–4 tons of finished products. In addition to restaurants, hotels and retail chains, Thun 1794 of course also has VIP clients. For example, Thun porcelain dinnerware is used at Prague Castle or Czech embassies abroad. Thun 1794 has long been working with sculptor Jiří Laštovička who designed most of its shapes and decorative patterns. Recently, the porcelain factory has also been using designs made by the Karlovy Vary artist Lenka Sárová Malíská.


Dominik Forman (* 1989) is an artist and teacher based in Prague. He graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University majoring in Czech language, literary studies and art education, simultaneously studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University in Brno. His work deals with the rehabilitation of realistic painting and analyzing its potential contemporary relevance. He is co-author of Manifest radikálního realismu (Manifesto for Radical Realism). He works as a middle-school teacher.

About the company

The Thun 1794 company comprises three basic plants: Nová Role (the current company headquarters), Klášterec nad Ohří and Concordia Lesov. All of them produce utilitarian and hotel tableware. Trademark registration gives Thun 1794 a.s. the exclusive right to use the registered trademarks, and the company carries on the more than 220-year-old tradition of producing both white and decorated porcelain goods. The founding of Thun makes for an interesting story: When the freshly retired administrator of the Thun estate, Johann N. Weber, was trying to find a new direction in life, he started experimenting with the local soil and, with Count Thun’s approval, carried out his first firings in a makeshift kiln. He was successful on 15 September 1794, the day which marks the beginning of the porcelain production in Klášterec.

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