Cukrátko ceramic object

Dimensions 237 cm Year produced 2020/2023 Medium/material glazed ceramics Production self-produced Foto Monika Martykánová Text DK


The Cukrátko collection consist of a series of large-format ceramic objects inspired by sugar sculptures – predecessors of porcelain sculptures which used to serve as decoration for festive tables. The abstracted architectural form emphasizes the quality of its colors and surface texture. The fluidity of the glazes and the deformation of familiar shapes frees the observer from having to identify the object’s particular meaning. We don’t have to answer the question “What is it?” but can simply enjoy everything our senses perceive.


Tereza Sluková (* 1987) studied artistic ceramics and porcelain-work at the St. Agnes Secondary School of Art and Design, after which she studied aesthetics and semiotics, only to return to ceramics during her studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She loves the plasticity and superficial simplicity of ceramic materials, as well as the precise work with porcelain. She prefers to work freely, even when working with utilitarian media, and mostly works on individual pieces which she processes as solitaires and single objects.

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