Active porcelain set

Dimensions small and large plates, bowls, cups, coasters, kettles and milk vessels in a number of sizes Year produced 2012 Medium/material porcelain Production Suisse Langenthal, G. Benedikt Group Web Foto Prokop Chludil archive Text ES


While still a student, Prokop Chludil designed a plate intended for seniors or those with impaired vision or motor skills. The G. Benedikt Group porcelain works tasked the students of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio with this project as the topic of their graduate works. Chludil incorporated a stop for easier scooping of meals and his design immediately got the company’s attention. The item was included in the Active collection and other helpful features soon followed, such as contrasting colors and plate partitions. The set continues to be produced at the sister brand Suisse Langenthal, where craftspeople have amicably started calling the ergonomic features “noses.” These protrusions not only provide a functional stop for scooping, but also facilitate easier manipulation with the plate.


Prokop Chludil (* 1989) graduated from the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. His collection of porcelainware for seniors and handicapped people was featured in the portfolio of the Suisse Langenthal brand, owned by the Karlsbad-based G. Benedikt Group, while he was still a student. He continues to focus on applied design, which he endows with functionality and ergonomics, but also a particular artistic touch. He currently works in a studio in Southern Moravia and focuses on handcrafting.

About the company

If you go to a restaurant, café or bistro anywhere in Czechia, chances are that your order will be served on porcelain made by the Karlsbad-based G. Benedikt Group. The company has been on the market for 140 years, and for the last 65 years they have focused on producing items for the hospitality and accommodations sector, producing porcelain with strong and durable grade of fracture. The Group includes the brands G. Benedikt, Suisse Langenthal, Lilien Austria and Rudolf Kämpf. With respect for tradition, but also frequent innovation and a taste for the most recent trends, it remains one of the favorite market suppliers both in Czechia and abroad.

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