Utopia table collection

Dimensions night table – 30 × 60 cm, coffee table – 70 × 35 cm Year produced 2022/2023 Medium/material poured glass installation Production self-produced Web Foto Tereza Valníčková Text ES


Tables from the Utopia collection by Johan Pertl seem chiseled from ice. Pertl hand-models them from glass by means of his own original technique and no two items are ever the same. Thanks to his innovated technique of poured glass, he uses less material and speeds up the smelting process, which decreases his carbon footprint while allowing him to explore new possibilities of forming. He introduced the Utopia collection last year during his debut presentation at the Designblok festival in Prague, immediately getting the attention of media and international gallerists – currently, Pertl’s works are offered by London’s Mint Gallery.


Johan Pertl (* 1991) gained experience while studying at the Czech Technical University, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (studio of Rony Plesl), and at the famous DECHEM design studio in Prague. His glassmaking shows a fascination with the natural and social mechanisms which surround us. His works are timeless, aesthetically sophisticated, and have a practical dimension – you might not notice at first sight, but his sculpture can also double as a coffee table. In his own workshop in Nová Ves, Pertl likes to combine glass with contrasting materials such as stone, using idiosyncratic shapes and experimenting with poured glass sculptures.

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