Temple vases

Dimensions 27 cm and 24 cm Year produced 2020 Medium/material 3D printed from recycled ceramics Production self-produced Web Foto Karolína Vintrová Text ES


For her limited collection of two-sided Temple vases, designer Karolína Vintrová used the innovative technology of 3D printing ceramic clay. “When overcoming the limits of 3D printing, I decided to orient the direction of printing in an unusual direction – not the usual horizontal lines, but vertical,” explains Vintrová. The body of the vase is separated into two halves during the 3D printing process, and she constructs them by using the technique of the pointed arch found in Gothic architecture. This logic enables the designer to construct the arches vertically without the risk of collapse. She then joins the two halves manually and retains the seeming imperfections which give an indelible mark of originality to the otherwise machine-produced object.


Karolína Vintrová (* 1997) studies at the Studio of Product Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague where she is currently finishing her Master’s degree. She works with a wide spectrum of materials – like ceramics, glass, wood and steel – and also designs installations and shop windows. Her style often thematizes the topics of handcraft and her ability to create the object on her own. Graphic prints, drawings and photograms are a natural aspect of Karolína’s designs, providing her work with new perspectives and allowing her to retain her freedom and independence.

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