Souls chandelier

Dimensions S 27 × 35 cm, M 35 × 45 cm, L 40 × 55 cm Year produced 2014 Medium/material hand-blown crystal glass Production Preciosa Lighting Web Foto Preciosa Lighting Text DK, ES


The meditative Souls chandelier collection was designed for Preciosa by the leading Czech jewelry designer Eva Eisler. The chandelier represents a hovering soul that conceals a light source of irregular shape, symbolizing the birth of life. The two parts of the very delicate, transparent object are distinguished by the use of clear and frosted glass. Together, they form an elegant and timeless luminaire suitable for various types of interiors.


The projects of the world-renowned jewelry and product designer Eva Eisler (* 1952) consist in abstract visions. They show the artist’s profound interest in everything that surrounds us. Eva Eisler’s multi-layered works have many meanings, even if they appear very minimalist on the outside. They often take on simple geometric shapes of contrasting materials and different scales. Eisler’s art is linked to her work in the United States, where she emigrated in 1983 and taught at New York University, Parsons School of Design and Rhode Island School of Design. She has been living in Prague since 2006, and became a professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2008.

About the company

In their glassworks in Kamenický Šenov in northern Bohemia, Preciosa Lighting picks up and develops the tradition of hand-made, crystal glass lightings, which dates back to the 18th century. Under the guidance of Artistic Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, Preciosa Lighting’s products have been receiving acclaim both at home and within the international context. Glassmasters and craftspeople have been developing on this the legacy also in branches in Desná, Příchovice and Dolní Prysk, where the company also produces glass and jewelry components, lightings, as well as decorative and technical glass. Tradition is thus reinterpreted through modern technological processes, and every year they push the material limits of glass.

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