Robot installation

Dimensions 50 × 35 × 105 cm Year produced 2015 Medium/material glass, lead, fluorescent lamp Production Křehký Web Foto Salim Issa Text DK, ES


A light installation constructed by means of voluminous stained-glass windows. “Not many people know that ‘robot’ is originally a Czech word. Painter Josef Čapek coined it for his brother Karel Čapek. He was trying to give his work a new dimension,“ says Jakub Berdych. The robot is often defined as a working machine with a certain degree of autonomy, performing actions in a way defined by its owner. The Křehký Robot is a free robot, a static figure, but nonetheless magical and luminescent. It is not a cutting or cleaning machine. The R2D2 of a beautiful and fragile world, it materializes the essence of the traditions of Art Nouveau, Modernism, Czech Cubism and Futurism for our contemporary era.


Jakub Berdych (* 1971) is co-founder of Qubus Design, one the most popular design studios. Since its foundation in 2002, he has been mostly involved in conceptual work with traditional materials, such as glass and porcelain. His works can be seen in galleries and museums both in Czechia and abroad, such as the Moss Gallery in New York, Mint Gallery in London, or the Neue Sammlung in Munich. His work typically notices everyday and often overlooked features and moments in our immediate surroundings. Berdych interprets them in new ways, adding further material layers and messages, citing them in new contexts, often with a great deal of irony.

About the company

The Křehký brand was founded in 2010 by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek. It aims to develop on the long tradition of Czech applied arts production. Křehký products interpret the history of hand craft, paying close attention to a high quality of processing and originality. Křehký collaborates with some of the foremost designers from around the world, such as Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, DECHEM, Lucie Koldová and Maxim Velčovský, all of whom were tasked with a single objective: Create an item which would make you happy and which you would give to someone as a present. All the applied works made of wood, porcelain and glass are created by traditional manufacturing methods right in Czechia.

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