Primordial Soup installation

Dimensions 100 × 68 × 80 cm Year produced 2022 Medium/material video sculpture with sound, glass and metal, 2:10 loop, 1 projector Production self-produced Web Foto Jakub Nepraš archive Text DK


Primordial soups in the distant past probably enabled the development of the building blocks of life on our planet. Jakub Nepraš also perceives the current connected world as an actively reacting concentrated solution, which is pregnant with the potential for a new developmental stage in evolution. In today’s age of exponential progress, scientific fields are converging, new discoveries are being made and new effective ways of adaptation are emerging. Machines replicate themselves, and machine learning carried by the development of artificial intelligence algorithms expands
the diversity of available solutions. Such potential is merely waiting to be unlocked by a new source of energy for an explosion of a newly bizarre diversity of life and technology, a “second nature.”


Artist Jakub Nepraš (* 1981) draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as from his own personal experiences, emotions and intuition. His work reflects the fundamental changes of society and technology, but also its dangers and the estrangement from human beings and nature. He tries to re-appropriate a more original and purer way of life in his work, and to give natural, organic forms to contemporary society and technology. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and is represented by the Trafo gallery in Prague.

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