Light Infusions lighting object

Dimensions 250 × 125 × 60 cm Year produced 2014/2023 Medium/material hand-blown borosilicate glass and an artificial candle Production Kavalierglass Web Foto Kristina Hrabětová Text DK, ES


The myriad transformations of light, and that moment when lighting transcends from a utilitarian product to a piece of art – that is the story of the Light Infusions lighting, originally designed for the joint exhibition of the Olgoj Chorchoj studio and the foremost Czech art designer Jiří Černický which took place at the DSC private gallery. The works were made specially for this exhibition by means of a special method – the welding of borosilicate glass in the Kavalierglass glassworks. Such glass is generally used for the production of laboratory aids, as well as technical and kitchen glassware.


The Olgoj Chorchoj Studio was founded in 1990 by Michal Froněk ( 1966) and Jan Němeček ( 1963). At first, they focused on designing experimental seating, glass vases, porcelain sets, and jewelry. Their carbon tables and bowls were soon featured in the collections of MoMA in New York City. Since 2000, the studio has worked with the Kavalier glassworks, for which it designed the drinkware set Look, made of cooking glass, later the double-walled Twinwall, and in collaboration with the Moss Gallery in New York they made tubular candleholders and crosses. They have designed works for the Květná glassworks and also made a series of glassware for the Pilsen-based Prazdroj. Both Michal and Jan have, since 1999, worked as Directors of the Studio of Product Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. They also design interiors and architecture.

About the company

Not only Czech glass art has achieved fame around the world; Czech utility glassware is equally esteemed. Among the foremost producers of glass for everyday use is the Kavalierglass from Sázava. The company has been producing it since 1837 and has exported it to over 90 countries world-wide. Thanks to its smelting capacity of over 220 tons of glass per day, it is the greatest producer of borosilicate glass in the entire world. It is mostly used for producing glass for household cooking, industrial glass, as well as laboratory and technical glass, branded as Simax® and Kavalier® products.

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