Kavalierglass glassworks

Dimensions 70 × 90 cm Year produced 2023 Medium/material oil on canvas Web Foto Hana Knížová Text ES


In Czech households it is common that people use teapots and carafes, bake in glass baking dishes or store food in glass boxes made by Kavalierglass. This definitely says something about their quality, as this year marks the 65th anniversary of the year that Simax® borosilicate glass was invented by Miloš Bohuslav Volf. But household glass cookware was being produced by Kavalierglass in Světlá even 35 years prior, so their work has been serving households for an entire century.


Dominik Forman (* 1989) is an artist and teacher based in Prague. He graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University majoring in Czech language, literary studies and art education, simultaneously studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University in Brno. His work deals with the rehabilitation of realistic painting and analyzing its potential contemporary relevance. He is co-author of Manifest radikálního realismu (Manifesto for Radical Realism). He works as a middle-school teacher.

About the company

Not only Czech glass art has achieved fame around the world; Czech utility glassware is equally esteemed. Among the foremost producers of glass for everyday use is the Kavalierglass from Sázava. The company has been producing it since 1837 and has exported it to over 90 countries world-wide. Thanks to its smelting capacity of over 220 tons of glass per day, it is the greatest producer of borosilicate glass in the entire world. It is mostly used for producing glass for household cooking, industrial glass, as well as laboratory and technical glass, branded as Simax® and Kavalier® products.

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