Fishing collection

Dimensions 15 cm, 25 cm, 40 cm Year produced 2021 Medium/material porcelain, underglaze decoration Production self-produced Foto Jiří Thýn Text DK


The work consists of a porcelain sculpture for interiors in the form of an animal or human figure, a theme which has its special place in the history of visual culture. Rather than adopting natural motifs, the collection instead features paraphrases on the figure, for example a ballet-dancer or a deer, and thematizes the artificial symbols of our civilization. We live surrounded by such symbols, and consciously continue producing more, although we know very well that they may bring about the end of our civilization, as well as the entire planet. They seem out of place on their porcelain pedestal – or is the pedestal rather the perfect place for them?


Antonín Tomášek (* 1978) ranks among the most experienced Czech porcelain designers. He has been professionally dedicated to the craft for 25 years –his Cibulka vase is on sale e.g. at New York’s MoMA gallery, he is co-founder of the Whitefruits brand and collaborates with the QUBUS. His works are represented in various collections both in Czechia and abroad. He has innovated and produced some of Czechia’s foremost porcelain works, and he works as Director of the Ceramic Design Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design at the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.

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