17 NOVEMBER 2023
31 AUGUST 2024

Experience the power and fragility of Bohemian glass and porcelain in their trial by fire.

Glass and porcelain are somewhat of a national treasure. They have a long tradition and a unique place in Czech culture. But what do these terms mean today?

Faced with one crisis after another – social, ecological and geopolitical – does it still make sense to develop glass and porcelain into the future?

We believe it does, and we are convinced that the disclaimer “Made in Czechia“ has a bright future ahead, both with standard factories as well as small art studios. 

All 50+ original works featured as part of the exhibition have a common origin – their glass, porcelain and ceramics were made in the fires of Czech furnaces and kilns. We selected pieces from prestigious glass producers and exporters, the foremost porcelain works, the major players on the design scene, as well as the up-and-coming generation of designers whose work it pays to follow.

The exhibition will take you through four thematic sections: Industry →, Adaptation →, Identity → and Experiment →. You will encounter works which test the limits of applied art and deal with contemporary social problems, such as industry competitiveness, its environmental impact, the use of classical forms, and the implementation of new technologies.

And it also doesn’t shy away from questions of authorship, quality and experimentation with diverse materials.

We are confident that you will find something you love in this selection of the most interesting products made by fire in the kilns and furnaces of Czechia. Because the old saying about “golden Czech hands” remains true even today!